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Two of Puerto Rico's most talented boxers have marched their way up the rankings.  Jose "Sniper" Pedraza (15-0, 10 KOs) is now ranked WBC No. 8 and WBA No. 11 in the Super Featherweight division and fellow countryman Thomas Dulorme (19-1, 14 KOs) is rated WBC No. 6 and WBA No. 5 at Super Lightweight.  Both Pedraza and Dulorme are part of "Team Puerto Rico", a promotional group consisting of Gary Shaw Productions, DiBella Entertainment and Universal Promotions.


After traveling to Peru and spending quality time working with the WBA ranking committee at their convention, Gary Shaw then traveled to Thailand for the WBC convention to do the same.  Shaw, who's worked endlessly on getting all of his fighters ranked in the best possible position, feels Pedraza and Dulorme are primed for stardom.


"It's been a grueling last few weeks but as an international promoter these are things you have to do to get your fighters in the best possible position," said Shaw. "I feel confident that Pedraza and Dulorme will take their careers to the next level.  They are both highly ranked in the WBC and WBA.  A world title shot is very close for both of them and together they fight for the people of Puerto Rico. I know their countrymen are ready to embrace another world champion and both of these young men are ready to bring it home."


In his last five fights, Pedraza has stopped four of his opponents, three of which were shown on national television.  Known for fighting from both southpaw and conventional stances, Pedraza feels he's ready to step up in competition.


"First I want to thank all of my promoters for giving me the opportunity to fight on national television." said Pedraza, "I know Gary Shaw has put an enormous amount of work getting me ranked by the WBC.  I feel now is the time to step up the competition.  I'm looking forward to fighting any of the top contenders in my division.  My goal is to bring home a world championship to the people of Puerto Rico."


Thomas Dulorme looked very impressive in his last outing, a fight in which he dominated Frankie Figueroa on HBO winning by eighth round TKO.  With a title shot nearing closer, Dulorme is excited about his future.


"Since moving to 140 pounds, I feel I'm one of the biggest punchers in the division." Dulorme said. "With the hard work of my promoters, I'm in position to fight for the WBC world title and I'm very grateful for their efforts.  I fight for Puerto Rico and I'm working hard to bring home a world title.  All my fans can expect an exciting fight every time I step in the ring."


For more information on Jose Pedraza, Thomas Dulorme and Team Puerto Rico, please visit  Team Puerto Rico: The New wave making a splash...


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